Top Ten Ways to Get Stuck in the Two-Income Trap


  1. Can’t decide on a career path?  That’s okay, just head to college and start taking classes for a couple of years until you decide what major to declare.  Don’t bother considering the likelihood of finding gainful employment in your chosen field once you graduate either.
  2. Saddle yourself with student loan debt so your payments require a second income for the ten years it takes you to pay them back.  Better yet, file for an extended repayment plan so you aren’t strapped for cash every month.
  3. Pay for expenses, entertainment, vacations, and Christmas on a credit card that you can’t pay off each month counting on future wage increases that are sure to come along once the economy regains its strength.  Consumer credit will be your safety net for all of the unexpected emergencies that Murphy’s Law dishes out.
  4. Take out a home mortgage using both incomes to qualify.  Go ahead and roll your short-term consumer debt into your 30-year mortgage to reduce your monthly payments while you can.
  5. Finance a newer used car on a five-year repayment plan when it may only last you that long.
  6. Pay someone to clean your house, wash your car, keep your kids, walk your dog, and mow your lawn since you won’t have time after all of the hours you have to spend on the job to pay your bills.
  7. Swing through the drive-thru to pick up a latte, have lunch with your coworkers at a local café, and order pizza out for dinner since your schedule is so busy.
  8. Spend every dollar you have left each month on some retail therapy because with this stress level, you’ve earned it!
  9. Use this year’s tax refund for a down payment on a motorcycle or boat because, hey, everyone needs a little fun sometimes.
  10. Don’t worry about retirement.  You’ll have time to think about that later.  Qualified fund managers on Wall Street are looking out for your best interest.

Uncle Sam thanks you for the income taxes he will collect from the inflated income you need just to stay afloat in today’s “Middle Class”.  Don’t be late sending those in.  He’s counting on your taxes to pay his debt payments.  After all, he knows all about balancing a budget.

Uncle Sam

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3 thoughts on “Top Ten Ways to Get Stuck in the Two-Income Trap

  1. patti sawyer

    Oh, we made mistakes 2-4! three years into our marriage we recognized tthe fallacy we were buying into.Still paying those student loans off but we do it on one income now.

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